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Connecting with nature...

There is something about getting outdoors, smelling fresh air - feeling sand & dirt. Holding leaves or bugs in your hands. Seeing animals.

Do you remember playing with dirt as a child? Do you remember getting dirty? We do!

We think that sometimes as adults, the fact that we get so busy doing things, whether those things are valid or not, we sometimes forget the need to be connected to nature. To go for a walk in nature, to sit in it, to stop for a while and just breathe. It is essential to be connected to nature and feel the joy and peace of being connected to it.

We really enjoy going for walks, going to the beach for a swim, breathing fresh air. Getting out of town and in nature, you know whether that be a beach or out in the country, in a forest, in your garden, or somewhere else in nature, there is just something about it.

Getting out into nature and experiencing it with your senses, smelling, touching, tasting, seeing, and hearing nature can revive you. I know for some of us we can't do all of it, we may have certain limitations that hinder us but if there was possibly one you could do today, what would it be?

We think that if people could connect with nature more then we would not only experience life more but also care about nature more.


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