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  • Advertised as a dish brush but can be used for surfaces or showers.
  • Untreated, toxin-free & plastic free.
  • Bristles are agave plant fibres.
  • Top of head & the handle are bamboo.
  • Head of the brush is replaceable.
  • Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.




  • Use with soap. After use, rinse with water and allow to dry. To avoid mould growing on your brush, it is recommended to place your brush facing downwards on dry surface. Put brush in the sun at least once a week.
  • NOTE: Do not leave in water for prolonged periods.





  • Place in compost at the end of its life. Bristles will take 3-4 months to compost and the handle will take longer. Once broken down you can remove metal/wire and recycle at a metal recycling facility.

Bamboo Long Handle Dish Brush

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