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The Organisations We Work With

At BWCWD? we have a desire to make a positive impact on the environment not only through our eco friendly products and packaging but by donating to 'Carbon Neutral' & 'Seabin'. These organisations are working hard to make a real difference through established projects that help by planting trees and cleaning up our oceans.

10% of every sale through BWCWD? is donated to 'Carbon Neutral' & 'Seabin' to help fund their good work. This means that when you choose to shop with us, not only are you using products that are better for our planet but your purchase is also supporting these worthy causes.

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Carbon Neutral - Plant-a-Tree Program

The Plant-a-Tree Program aims to restore landscapes and reproduce natural ecosystems.

Carbon Neutral a 'Profit-for-Purpose' organisation are the developers and managers of Australia’s largest biodiverse reforestation ‘carbon sink.’ Since 2008, 18,000 hectares of mostly unproductive and degraded farmlands have been transformed through the planting of mixed native species. These revegetation works are undertaken in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor which will be a 200km stretch of trees and other plant life, reconnecting coastal and drier inland habitats.

So far over 30 million trees have been planted in this area which is home to over 450 identified species of flora, insects and birds.

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Seabin Foundation

The foundation focuses on community engagement, education programs and research & development for further scientific innovation.

Brief overview of the programs in action:

  • STEM learning programs - focus on educating and inspiring young people,

  • Community activation programs - assist with crowdfunding efforts to purchase Seabins,

  • The global ambassador program - activates schools, sporting groups and environmental groups through education and interaction with the Seabin technology, and

  • Data collection programs and science & research programs - help improve education and the technology used.

Each Seabin has the capability to collect 90,000 plastic bags, 35,700 disposable cups, 16,500 plastic bottles or 166,500 plastic utensils every year. There are currently 860 Seabins in operation with 3,612.8 kg of waste being captured each day and 3,076,243 kg of waste captured since they started.

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