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No more recycling of soft plastics in Australia...

'GET BACK TO GOOD' posted the below on their instagram and we asked if we could put it on our blog as it is informative of not being able to recycle soft plastics and also brings a challenge to the reader to cut back on plastic. Have a read...

"We can send a message! The collapse of RedCycle is frustrating and sad, but let’s use it to make positive personal and national change. After all, REDCycle’s founder, Liz Kassel, set up the organisation “to enable and empower people in the community, just like her, to make a positive impact on the environment”

I mustn’t be the only one who has a bundle of soft plastics sitting in the boot of my car that I now have no idea what to do with!… The idea of it gong to landfill after I put the effort to collect it is so frustrating. But, it got me thinking…

Firstly, this is the perfect nudge for me to try buying less plastic. I KNOW that recycling should be a last resort, but often it’s just easier. At least it wasn’t going to landfill. The drive to buy less single use plastic has certainly gone up for me!

Secondly, if we all act now, hopefully we can send a united message to the supermarkets and manufacturers of products that we don’t want plastic packaging.

The situation we have in Australia with REDCycle no longer being available to recycle soft plastic means that there is a clear point in time where something changed. Because we have such a defined moment in time that encourages people to make a change, it’s possible there will be great flow on effects. It starts with REDCycle not being able to recycle soft plastics. But maybe this will lead to people all over australia making the choice to buy less plastic. Then possibly the supermarkets will notice a change in the products people are buying. Then what if the supermarkets start stocking more products without plastic packaging and maybe more brands will upgrade their packaging. Eventually, the products sold in compostable packaging (or better yet, without packaging) will become more common and affordable. And isn’t that what the ultimate goal of REDCycle is?

If you’ve been thinking to make the switch to buying less plastic, now is a great time!

Maybe, just maybe, this could be a defining moment we look back on that started the chain of events that ended with plastic free packaging being the COMMON option.

I hope so!"

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