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We love to "IDLE OFF"!

Have you heard of "IDLE OFF"? It is a term used to discourage vehicles idling unnecessarily, for example waiting at school to pick up your child, waiting outside the supermarket while your partner does the shopping, going through drive-throughs.

There are projects that teach students the damaging effects and encourage them to tell their communities to "IDLE OFF". This is due to parents and buses idling their vehicles at school while waiting for children which are causing damage from the fumes emitted - Idling vehicles are damaging to childrens health, our health and to the environment. Studies show the effect it has on our lungs and heart and the fumes into the air. If you want more information check out the links below. The information prompts you to do the 10 second rule, where if you are idling more than 10 seconds, turn you're vehicle off (except when in traffic for safety reasons). People have argued that idling is more fuel efficient and better for your engine and battery than turning you're engine off and then on again but the evidence shows that it is inefficient to idle unnecessarily. "The simple fact is there’s no good reason to sit in an idling vehicle." - idle OFF visit Become educated on the effects and bring awareness to others of the impacts that fumes emitted while idling have on our children, ourselves and the environment. "IDLE OFF"!


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